Evaluating the Data

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The overarching goal of the Walla Walla Cares for Kids Data Project is to advance the Early Learning Coalition’s devotion to community and families using a flexible ongoing system of data evaluation.

The previous sections contain brief summaries about how the data looks generally (in the teal boxes), but this is just the beginning point. Part of the project includes the development of a flexible evaluation system so that the ELC can evaluate existing data, update it, and continually assess whether any indicators need to be revised along any topic. This website will include evaluation of the state of child and family well-being along each of the five topics, using the indicators and data associated with each, and using an evaluative visual aid described below.

The evaluation of the data, via the scoring of data along the individual indicators as pointing toward “good” or “not-so-good” child and family well-being can be accomplished using a variety of methods depending on what makes the most sense for any individual indicator. Some questions and considerations that can guide the scoring include: Is data on the indicator trending in a desirable direction across time? If not, that’s a sign that the indicator is doing not-so-good. Is data on the indicator good or not-so-good compared to other locations, such as neighboring counties or at the Washington State level? If not-so-good compared to the state level or other useful comparison locations, that’s a sign the indicator is doing not-so-good. Does data meet or exceed a recommended standard or criterion of a reputable source (e.g., the American Association of Pediatricians)? If so, that can be a sign that the indicator could be classified as good.

In brief, the data collected for each of the indicators within each topic will be evaluated. Each topic will then be assigned one of the child’s stacker toys, pictured below, to reflect that evaluation. The more rings stacked, the higher the child and family well-being in that topic.

Child and family well-being in terms of [TOPIC] is…

 Level 0  Level 1  Level 2  Level 3  Level 4  Level 5  Level 6





Not-so-good means that the data is trending in an undesirable direction/things are not good/this is concerning. Good means that the data is trending in the desired direction/things are going well with this indicator/keep it up.