Main Story

This is sample text. Sample picture is to the right. The main story would ideally be about the ELC, such as an event or important notification. A photo or custom graphic is necessary to call attention to the information. This story should be shared in the newsletter first. Follow up with a blurb/link on facebook a few days after the newsletter is released. I recommend sharing a short version of the story here with a “read more” link so that those who are interested in details will click through to the website page.

Click to read more! (this would be a link)

Second Story

This is likely an optional story or one that features a partner agency. Using a picture is encouraged. This could follow the same format as the above (having the full story on the website and then posting a blurb on facebook a few days later).

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 Important State & Federal Information

Feature links to articles on other websites

  • Link & blurb
  • Link & blurb
  • Link & blurb
  • Link & blurb

Upcoming Events

Perhaps meeting announcements, partner events, etc

  • December 3: Great event
  • December 15: Another event
  • January 12: Yet another great event

Contact the ELC:
500 Tausick Way, Walla Walla, WA 99362 • (509) 555-5555 • email link too
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